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Where the richest in the world invest their billions

Being part of the global billionaire class is beyond the imagination of most people. At the $ 1 billion threshold, a 5 percent yield would generate an annual $ 50 million payment – without ever touching the head. But as billionaires, from single-digit figures near the summit, invest a number of options for the richest in the world. One thing everyone has in common is a large amount of cash in cash or equivalent liquid securities. Here’s a look at how 10 billionaires have made and invested their money, according to public deposits collected by the Wealth-X financial research company.

Bernard Arnault, 67, is the richest man in France. Formed as a civil engineer, he got his business start from his father, who had a successful construction company. She shifted the attention of her father’s company to real estate and then turned her gaze to luxury goods. Through her Groupe Arnault, the silver-haired Parisian sits at the helm of luxury Christian Dior and LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton companies. He is also an important collector of art after acquiring works by Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol.


His vast wealth lies predominantly in the companies he controls. It has 34.8 billion dollars between Christian Dior, LVMH and Carrefour, a French retail chain. The next largest distribution is $ 2.9 billion in cash; This is money from wages, dividends and securities that give him liquidity when he needs it. Then come to the houses. It has a $ 55 million Paris villa and a home to the Bahamas worth $ 30 million, as well as yachts and art. Its wealth shows how a single focused position in a company can increase your value tremendously.

Steven A. Ballmer, 60, got a perfect 800 of the math portion of the SAT and beat his ticket from a private elite school in Detroit at Harvard University. In her second year, she lived in the dormitory of Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft. In 1980, he abandoned Stanford University’s commercial school to start working for Mr. Gates. He has been paid $ 50,000 but has given a stake in the nascent company. He became chief executive in 2000 – a post he held for nearly 14 years. Shortly after abandoning, he bought the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team for a $ 2 billion record. The team had been fooled into controversy with a former owner, Donald Sterling.

Although Mr. Ballmer left Microsoft, much of his wealth remains on the stock market – $ 21.4 billion. It has another $ 7.3 billion in cash. She does not seem to be doing so much to Clippers. It also has 450 million dollars in Twitter shares. He owns a $ 14 million home in Hunts Point, Wash., And properties on Whidbey Island worth around $ 4 million.

Susanne Klatten, 54, the wealthiest woman in Germany, can trace the source of her “BMW driving car” wealth. His grandfather founded an industrial conglomerate owned by the German automobile company – and had a part of his more stable rival, Daimler-Benz. The company also owned the Altana chemical giant. Her father, Herbert Quandt, took over family affairs when her father died in 1954. When she died in 1982, Ms. Klatten received shares in BMW and Altana, now owned by her. As his father was credited to save BMW from bankruptcy, he is accredited to make Altana a leading company in Germany. He is also Chairman of the SGL Group, which produces graphite and carbon fiber products.

Its wealth is tied to its companies, with over half, or $ 12.1 billion, in the BMW Group. A further 16 per cent is in Altana and 1 per cent is in the SGL group. It has 22.5 percent cash. It has a family office that creates privacy for the breakup of its wealth.

Azim Premji, 71, was born in the family who started Indian vegetable products, which produced hydrogenated oils. When Mr. Premji was at Stanford University, his father, who started the company, died and left the university to endure it. At 23, he was

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