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How to Buy the Right Life Insurance for You


Read Your Policy Before Deciding to Keep It Various forms of life insurance have been around for decades. Some, very appropriately, refer to it as “burial insurance”. It all depends on why you think you need it and what your survivors would be expected to do with it. There are …

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Cash Value Life Insurance


When most people think about life insurance, they are instinctively turned off. Some people hate term policy because most people outlive their term. Others hate permanent insurance because of its high cost. The majority of Americans just hate the process of a salesman soliciting products that they do not believe …

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Role of Life Insurance in Divorce


How to Make Sure Child Support/Alimony Continues on Death of Obligor While it may seem counter intuitive, insuring the life of an ex-spouse makes sense in many cases. When divorce involves children or a dependent spouse receiving alimony, one should consider the utility of having life insurance in place to …

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Life Insurance: Are You Covered?

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A Basic Breakdown on How to Start Getting Life Insurance Coverage When we start a new job, our employee benefits can often include life insurance coverage. This is obviously a great benefit to have. But as each milestone arises in your lifetime, it’s always a great idea to keep informed …

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Purchasing Life Insurance for Your Children


When our children are born, we don’t really think about the possibility that they will pass away before we do. It is hard to imagine that anyone could lose a child. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out the way we expect them to. Minor children can die and it is …

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Life Insurance in a Nutshell


Unexpected deaths in the family cause difficulty for everyone. The breadwinner could pass suddenly, leaving their spouse and kids in financial trouble. What can you do to secure the future of your family, even if it’s for a short period of time? Don’t look any further than life insurance. Life …

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Life Insurance Options


Life insurance has gone through many transitions through the years. Where once, whole life insurance was the main type of coverage, we now have several options in the life insurance industry. The main types available to healthy clients are term life, universal life, whole life, variable life and variable universal …

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How to Buy Life Insurance for Your Significant Other


The death of a spouse can have a devastating effect on the financial well-being of a family, especially if that spouse was the sole breadwinner. Taking out a life insurance policy on your spouse will help to lessen any financial obligations that may arise from the spouse’s death. A good …

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